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Exchange rate idr to usd historical data

exchange rate idr to usd historical data

avg. "Foreign Currency Units per.S. On January 1, 2000 the Belarusian ruble was rebased. Contents Table for 1850 to 2000 edit Currency Code Pound Sterling GBP.4993.5632.4303.4033.3517.3508.2525.2008.255.2008.2008.2008.2017.1558.2017.2017 Euro EUR.0876.8261 citation needed Asian Monetary Unit /Asian Clearing Union AMU/ ACU.5998. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. 14,601.1.1 .20 18:44:38 - Real-time Data.

11/15/2018, thursday.00007 USD 11/14/2018, wednesday.00007 USD 11/13/2018, tuesday.00007 USD, monday.00007 USD, sunday.00007 USD 11/9/2018, friday.00007 USD 11/8/2018. Before 1999, it was pegged to the French Franc. The new ruble cool forex pictures is used throughout in this table. Some of the data for the years refers to the rate on, or close to, January 1 of that year. Managed rate The new unit of exchange was introduced on October 30, 2000, with one somoni equal to 1,000 of the old Tajikistani rubles. Japanese Yen JPY 107.76 144.79 United States (see.g., the, turkish lira ). One new ruble is worth 2,000 old rubles. In this table the AFN is used throughout. ECB statistical data warehouse Retrieved from Historical Exchange Rates - oanda - USD To INR (Average from January 1 to December 31) From 1997 to 2001, Iran had a multi-exchange-rate system; one of these rates, the official floating exchange rate, by which most essential goods. Bid/Ask: 14,601.0 / 14,601.1, day's Range: 14,521.3 - 14,625.0, buy.

IDR/USD Currency Exchange Rate Chart / Historical Data
XE: IDR / USD Currency Chart